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Gardening On The Cheap

14 October 2011
Gardening On The Cheap

Let's face it; gardening can be a pretty expensive endeavor, especially if you're starting with a blank slate. You'd like a beautiful garden but you don't want to spend a lot of money on it. Here then, are some ideas regarding gardening on the cheap.

• Plant from seed. Seeds are always less expensive than plants. You can trade seeds or share packets with a fellow gardener too.

• If you know some really good gardeners and they have some wonderful plants, ask for cuttings. You can then grow your own plants from the cuttings.

• Buy smaller plants, leaving room for growth when you plant them. Smaller plants are cheaper, plus they seem to settle into their new surroundings with less shock than their bigger brothers.

• Buy plants that grow so much you can divide them. Lillies come to mind. I now have eight lilly plants from just one I purchased two years ago.

• Flowers are nice, but the cost of replacing them each year is not. Consider planting flowering bushes that give you color year after year rather than flowers that are only around for one season.

• Choose plants and trees with low-water needs, such as natives. This will save you the cost of constantly watering them.

• Buy smaller trees. It requires vision to imagine what your garden will look like in a few years, plus patience, but the cost difference could very well be worth it.

• Instead of spraying weeds with dangerous and expensive chemicals, use plain old vinegar in a spray bottle. Note that you shouldn't get it on any plants or grass because it will kill them too.

• Consider a spot for vegetables in your garden. If you grow vegetables from seeds, it's cheaper than buying veggies from the supermarket. You can collect the seeds at the end of the season and plant them the next season.

• Plan ahead. As with any project, if you plan ahead and are willing to be patient, you can buy plants during sales, find a garden swap, dig up plants from yards that are going through a major landscape remodel, and more.

• Find hardscape materials and yard furniture online through Craigslist or Some furniture just needs a fresh coat of paint or new seat cushions.

Having a beautiful garden does not mean you automatically have to spend a lot of money. There are many ways to cut costs, such as planting from seed, buying smaller plants, and getting free landscaping material from FreeCycle. Don't let a small budget keep you from a beautiful garden because you can have one with gardening on the cheap.