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How to Grow Peas

6 April 2012
How to Grow Peas

Pea plants will grow in almost any climate, but they prefer cool summer temperatures. Pea plants grow best in full sun to partial shade. Birds love young pea sprouts and may try to eat the pea seedlings. An easy way to prevent damage by birds is to put a net over your pea sprouts or grow them in a green house. The best time to plant peas is in the early spring while the weather is still cool.

Garden hoe
Pea seeds
Wooden stakes

Step 1:
Clear all the weeds and grass from the garden bed. Loosen the soil to the depth of 6 inches with a shovel.

Step 2:
Spread 2 inches of manure, peat moss or compost on top of the soil. Mix the organic material into the loose soil.

Step 3:
Create two rows 2 inches apart that are 2-inches deep with the side of a garden hoe. Place the pea seeds in the row 2 inches apart. Cover the pea seeds with soil and water until the soil is wet.

Step 4:
Drive a wooden stake into the ground at the ends of each row. Tie a twine to the top and bottom of each stake. Thread more twine vertically between the two horizontal twines. Train the pea plants to grow up the twine supports as the plants grow.

Step 5:
Water the pea plants every other day or once a day if the weather turns hot. Water the peas on this schedule all through the plants’ growth. Pour the water on the soil around the plants and not on top of the leaves.

Step 6:
Pick the pea pods when they are about 3 inches long and full. Pinch the pods off the bottom of the plants first and work your way up the vines. This will cause the plants to produce peas all season long.