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The problem you are trying to avoid

18 June 2012
The problem you are trying to avoid

Due to an unfortunate “perfect storm” of few pollinating insects, prolonged cold spell, and weak onset of early summer, Courgette Rot is a sad reality for many courgette or zucchini gardeners. If you are a fan of these tasty vegetables and want to hang on to your crop, follow the tips below to safeguard your crop.

While you can't control the weather and insect pollinators, you can control how you respond to courgettes failing to develop and rot on the vine. The good news in all this is that your intervention might not be as heavy as you think. Your courgette crop's overall health and performance will improve once the weather improves.

Interim Solutions

Hand pollinate your crop's early flower batch instead of relying on insect pollinators. You can do this by picking a healthy male flower that has fully opened and does not have a swollen base. Expose its stamen by taking off its petals. Rub the exposed pollen on the stamen against the female flowers' stigma. You can tell which is a female flower because it has a swollen immature fruit at its base.