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Quick Composting information for Practical Gardeners

30 July 2012
Quick Composting information for Practical Gardeners

Did you know that all those banana peels, apple cores, and vegetable skins you've been chucking out after every meal can quickly pile up. Indeed, every single day, Americans leave at their curb, tons of organic waste that can easily be recycled. In fact, a lot of this 'garbage' can actually be turned into gold for your home garden. To be precise, you can turn your household garbage waste into 'black gold' also known as compost. All you need to do is to process the waste and subject them to the right conditions. In fact, it doesn't take too much effort to turn waste into compost.

To start, there are three quick and easy ways to process your table waste. First, set up a backyard area for your compost. You can either pile up the waste into a mound, or you can use a three-bin composting system you can build from plans posted on the Internet. Turn over the piles or mound periodically and it will decompose. Eventually, you will have rich dark compost to put on your gardens. Make sure to add lots of brown components to minimize the smell. Second, you can invest in a worm bin. Worms are great composters since they eat their weight in waste every day. Gather your scraps, grind it or chop it up and throw into your worm bin. Worms are great producers of compost since you can use the compost immediately on your plants. If the bin starts to smell, add newspapers to stabilize the organic mix. Third, pile up all your leaves so you have a lot of brown compost to add to green fresh waste material.

Using the steps above, you'll be quickly on your way to recycling organic waste into rich compost for your garden.