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Scorching July sets records nationwide

24 August 2012
Scorching July sets records nationwide

If you thought this past July was exceptionally hot, you were right on the money. July was the hottest month ever recorded in the continental United States. If that isn't astonishing enough, it is just one of the many weather records sets in 2012. Global climate change is definitely here and boy can it pack a lot of heat. In fact, last July was the hottest month on record-breaking even the scorching temperatures of the 1930s Dust Bowl era. Looking back through the past years, it appears that July is getting hotter and hotter-three of the hottest months ever happened in July. Both 2011 and 2006 packed record heat.

According to the weather tracking index, the US Climate Extreme Index, July 2012 has been one extreme month. In fact, it beat out 1934's record for weather extremes. The extreme weather ranking for July is 37 percent. According to the Index, the average ranking is 20 percent. The index tracks droughts and severe temperature fluctuations. Guess what? On all counts, 2012 has experienced serious fluctuations. Let's hope this doesn't continue. Or else, water rationing and sky-high food prices may just be around the corner.