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How to fix tomato splitting

6 September 2012
How to fix tomato splitting

If you are currently growing tomatoes or you have grown them in the past, you have probably encountered tomato splitting. The good news is that your tomatoes just look bad. There is nothing wrong with them. But who wants striped tomatoes, right? Especially, if you are trying to sell them at an organic farmers' market. The cause of this unsightly tomato condition is a fluctuation in your tomato plant's growth rate. The sharp surge causes your fruit to expand suddenly. Normally, this happens when your garden is suffering from a drought or low water condition. After heavy rains or heavy watering, the growth spurt occurs. Similarly, if your garden normally has low temperatures but is hit by a heat wave with a lot of sun, your tomato plants' growth rate can spike up and you may have a crop of split tomatoes.

Why is tomato splitting a problem? Besides being unsightly, the break in the skin might become vulnerable to infections. This can cause your crop to rot. How do you fix splitting tomatoes? Water your tomato plant consistently and regularly. The key is to make sure your plant does not suffer from a feast or famine water situation. Make sure your greenhouse has enough ventilation and shading during hot spells. Also, pick off tomato fruit that have split. Do so before they rot.


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