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Pest of the Week: Yellow sorrel

13 September 2012
Pest of the Week: Yellow sorrel

The Yellow Sorrel or Oxalis corniculata is quite a plant pest. This weed will grow almost anywhere. Even in very dry places, this plant will manage to thrive. What makes this weed specially frustrating to control is that you have to completely take it out or else it will regrow from the remaining roots. What makes pulling these weeds out especially problematic is the plant's small size.

How to Deal with yellow Sorrel
This weed is an annual but it aggressively pops seeds off all over your garden. It spreads very quickly and is hard to take out. One organic way to deal with this plan pest is to hoe it down quickly before it bears flowers and produces seeds. Hoe it out and leave it where it is to wither and die. Alternatively, you can choke it by piling mulch on top of it. If you have a thick patch of this weed, use a wire rake to knock out the worst clusters.