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Indoor gardening: Greenhouse and conservatory

2 November 2012
Indoor gardening: Greenhouse and conservatory

Greenhouse and conservatory
Now that the dull, foggy days and sharp frosty nights have arrived, it is necessary to keep all plants that have finished their growth free from excitement, and rather dry at their roots. A gentle fire to be applied during the day, which will allow the advantage of a free circulation of fresh air, and, by closing up early in the afternoon, will retain sufficient heat to resist the encroachments of ordinary frosts during the night. But if the frost should set in severely, nights coverings, if possible, should be applied in preference to fire-heat.

American Plants, &c.
Pot, if not done, Rhododendrons, Kalmias, hardy Azaleas, Lily of the Valley and other plants usually required for winter forcing.

They will require an abundance of air to prevent the flowers expanding weakly. Keep them well supplied with water and the leaves in a healthy state; for a great portion of their beauty depends upon so doing. They may sometimes be seen almost entirely denuded of leaves when in flower, which considerably detracts from what should be their ornamental appearance in the greenhouse or conservatory.

Primroses (Chinese).
Give a few of the strongest and most forward a shift into larger pots. The double varieties are very useful for cutting where bouquets are much in request, as they do not drop the flowers like the single varieties.