How to make your summer crops last longer

How to make your summer crops last longer

Ahh, the joys of summer gardening. Who doesn't miss the thrill of rolling up your sleeves and harvesting the sweet red, yellow, and green bounty of your summer garden? In addition to the bright colors, the memories of summer gardening linger long after your summer bounty. To preserve the fruits of your summer labors and keep some physical, and tasty mementos, of your summer gardening adventure, try the following tips.

Tip #1
Preserve your harvest. Preserving veggies and fruits are not as time-intensive and hassle-filled as you think. In fact, all you need are a few supplies and you are in business. For example, a dehydrator that fits any average small kitchen top is your key to enjoying your summer harvest for many months to come. Simply slice up your harvest, put them in a single layer, and dry away.

Tip #2 Save your seeds
Plants that do well in your garden are worth saving. You can do this by saving their seeds. Not only does this save you money, but you cherry pick the plants that have adapted quite well to your particular garden environment.

Tip #3 Save your memories
Dried and preserved foods are eaten up eventually. Saved seeds are also used up after some time. However, one thing that won't go away is your memories. So while your garden is in its full glory, take lots of photos, post them on your blog or Facebook and cherish those memories. Make an annual planting journal and harvest digital scrapbook. Make your harvests last years-in memory.

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