Growing rocket leaves from seeds

Growing rocket leaves from seeds

If you enjoy salads, you have probably heard of rocket leaves. This herbivore's favorite brings a nice spicy or peppery taste to any salad. If you thought that September is too late to sow this great salad addition, you'd be wrong. While rocket leaves are best germinated from March to September, late cultivation of this salad vegetable will still yield good quality leaves. The key is to keep snipping rocket leaves as they grow. Keep sowing while you're snipping. This two-step process ensures that as older plants are eaten, new plants take their place and there is no break in your rocket leaves supply.

Steps to sowing rocket leaves from seed:

Use a straight line to create rows. This line will tell you where you planted your seeds and will also let you know where to weed.

Sow up to six meters of your bed. There should be enough seeds in one packet for this. However, if you are not sure if you can eat that many rocket leaves at once, sow a smaller amount. Sow them in batches so when you are about to exhaust your supply, another batch is mature enough to harvest, so on and so forth.

Sow the seeds along the row. Keep it thin. Make sure to space them apart by three centimeters.

Use a trowel or hoe to cover up the seeds with a light layer of soil.

Water by drenching the soil-make sure not to disturb the seeds.

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