Planting your own grapevine

Planting your own grapevine

Have you fantasized of picking fresh sweet grapes from your own vineyard? Has the thought of sipping wine made from your own vines entered your innermost thoughts in the past? If you answered yes to any or both of these questions, here is the answer to the query in the back of your mind: how to grow your own vineyard.

First, install a suport fence. String it together with at least four support wires. The first line should be around 16 inches from the ground. Above it, the other wires should be around a foot apart in spacing. Use a drill to drill through the fence post to create holes with the spacing above for the wires. Run the wires through each but secure each post's wires with an eye bolt secured with a nut. Using a pair of gloves, wrap the wire around each post and wire to the next post. Cut any excess slack. For slight slack, adjust by tigheting bolts. Don't wind too tightly since this might put too much strain on your fencing.

Next, dig a hole that exceeds the width and height of your vine's root ball. Plant this around half a foot from your fence. Plant the rootball but make sure the top is level with the ground. Push a six foot cane behind your vine. Prune your vine so as to leave only three good buds positioned below your lowest wire. Tie the cane to the fence supports. Mulch the top of the vine and surrounding area.

The next stage involves training the growing buds. For their first year, let your vine's buds grow vertically. Prune any shoots aggressively. Tie the stem to the cane. After it drops leaves late in the year, untie the plant's stems from the can and tie them to the bottom wire of your fence instead. Keep repeating this with new shoots. Keep pruning to ensure the vinew grows properly along the fence support. Top the plant to make sure the vine fills out and there is enough air to the fruit.

Try the following popular varieties: vitis vinfera Perlette (seedless and green fruit) and Vitis vinifera Siegerrebe (white grape ideal for eating).

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