Micro-Miniature Roses have Major Appeal!

Micro-Miniature Roses have Major Appeal!

When most people think of roses, they envision the classic hybrid-tea rose that their grandmother had in her garden. The rose industry has evolved tremendously over the past twenty years and we now have many kinds of roses available today.

One particular new and unique type for today's rose gardens are Micro-Miniature Roses. They’re beautiful, versatile, and have a profusion of tiny flowers that range from ¼” to 1” in diameter. How can you not love them? A majority of the roses on the market today fall into the perennial category but these roses are especially suited to being used as an annual. An annual rose? Yes, an annual!

These roses will grow very similar to other annuals in the garden. Garden Treasures™ Micro-Miniature Roses are wonderful for borders, landscapes, mixed containers, or to give as a gift plant. They’re also great for children because they create instant satisfaction and are easy to grow.

These 12" tall micro-miniature roses can be displayed many different ways and are a perfect fit for the novice gardener.

Easy to Grow!
These roses have been bred for disease-resistance and require no maintenance or deadheading. All eight varieties in the collection have a compact growing habit, display small blooms and petite glossy, green foliage. They are also heavy bloomers, so everyone will love the continuous show of flower power. No cleaning is required but if that is desired, the spent blooms can be removed by snapping them off.

Fragrance plays an important role in rose purchasing and many of these roses display a sweet fragrance. Blushing Mate™ is one of the most fragrant varieties. Not only do these roses smell great, they have fun names too! Here is a list of all the Micro-Miniature varieties:

  • Blushing Mate™
  • Citrine®
  • Crimson Treasure®
  • Gemstone™
  • Gold Medallion®
  • Pieces of Eight®
  • Rubellite®
  • Star Ruby™
  • True Pearl™

Whether you’re an avid or a novice gardener, these roses are all-around perfect for every gardener. Ask your local garden center about these fun and exciting micro-miniature roses today!

Care Tips:

  • Roses need a minimum of 6 hours of full sun exposure per day.
  • Roses perform best in fertile, rich, well-drained soil.
  • Water freely in dry weather and check soil moisture in cooler weather.
  • In warmer climates, prune plants to 6-inches tall during mid-to-late winter. In zones that get hard winter freezes, prune plants after the last spring frost.
  • Even though these are considered an annual rose, they are truly perennials in zone 4b to 11. They can flower year-round in moderate to mild climates.

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