Top choices in houseplants

Top choices in houseplants

Houseplants are a great way to brighten up your home. Whether you are looking for a beautiful addition to your living room or to place in front of the large sunshine-filled windows in your bedroom, there are some top choices for you to consider. It is important to note that some plants are simply better suited to life outdoors, so it is typically advisable to stick to plants that are known for being great houseplants. If you have any questions about whether a plant is better suited for outdoors, be sure to ask one of the knowledgeable staff members in a garden center near you.

Pothos ivy
This vibrant green ivy plant is perhaps one of the most popular houseplants. Sturdy with bright green leaves, the pothos ivy is well-known for its ability to thrive in an indoor environment. It is also known for being forgiving should it happen to withstand a little bit of neglect if you forget to water it for a few weeks. The pothos ivy loves to climb so plant yours in a decorative pot and give it a nice tall support stick to climb. Propagation is as easy as taking cuttings to root in water or directly in the soil.

African violet
The African violet is well known for the stunning blooms that can bring a splash of color into any indoor space. While they do tend to require a bit more care than some other houseplants, they are very sturdy little plants that can withstand a fair amount of abuse or neglect. Keep in mind that these pretty little plants prefer to be watered from their roots up, instead of being watered from above like most other potted plants. With this in mind, there are lots of planters designed specifically to meet the needs of African violets. Be sure to pick up a bottle of African violet fertilizer so that your little blooming plant will be able to continue providing you with beautiful flowers.

Peace lily
With lovely tall white blooms, the peace lily is a great choice for your indoor spaces. With its ability to tolerate low-light conditions, it is a great choice in a home that may not get direct sunlight during the day. The peace lily prefers continually moist soil but is typically somewhat forgiving if you neglect to water it to the extent that the leaves and blooms collapse.
Some other popular houseplants could include the following lush green plants.

  • Ferns
  • Peperomia
  • Dracaena
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Snake plants
  • Philodendron
  • Spider plants
  • Crotons
  • Cast iron plants
  • Ponytail palms

Orchids can also be a great choice for a houseplant, but they tend to have specific needs met in their environment if they are to continue thriving and blooming. With adequate watering, sunshine, and a bit of TLC, you’ll find it easy to keep a variety of plants thriving inside of your home.

Do you have questions about what it takes to create a lush indoor environment with houseplants? Visit the garden centers to get some great advice from knowledgeable staff. They will be happy to answer questions and direct you towards the right plants and the right products for your indoor oasis.

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