Garden Center


Whether you've got big plans for a new garden or looking to spruce up your existing garden, you need a supplier you can trust. You need a garden center that will not only stock the products, equipment, seedlings, accessories, and planting materials you'll need but also an expertise and dedication to local garden needs. Thanks to differences in region, climate, soil conditions, and other local factors, it is important to your garden's overall health that you get supplies and advice from a garden center that is located in your region. Our Garden Center Directory lists garden centers all over the United States in all regions.

Planting or upgrading a garden can easily become a dicey situation if you are going about it with a 'cookie-cutter' mentality. In the very delicate world of garden care and plant health, a 'one size fits all' approach is not going to cut it Use our garden center directory and look for local expertise.

Since local garden centers stock supplies and provide information that are specifically-tailored to your garden's specific locale, you increase your chances of successfully building a new garden or taking your existing green patch to the next level. Go local with our Garden Center Directory and get the localized help and supplies you need to make your garden a success. You can also look up your local garden center here.

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