Garden nursery


If you want to truly make your garden come alive and enable it to truly live up to its fullest potential, you must not content yourself with the typical national mail order garden supplies retailer. Your local garden needs local solutions and region-tailored supplies as well as expertise. This is why gardeners ranging from all four corners of the United States visit Garden Center's Garden Nursery directory for custom and regional assistance. We don't give you a 'national' answer to a local set of gardening challenges. Instead, by listing garden centers and garden nursery locations on a local basis, we help you tap local expertise and location-specific garden inventories to help you with your garden needs.

The secret to a truly successful garden is localization. Soils, climate, nutrient profiles, as well as plant choices must be localized to truly make any garden a success. Just because a garden configuration works in the American Southwest doesn't mean you'll have the same results if you live in a particularly wet, cold, or humid area. Our garden nursery directory lists local nurseries which have the specific range of plant options that do well in your area so you can stock your garden with the right plants.

In addition to stocking localized plants, our garden nursery directory and resources enable you to contact local nurseries who can give you the location-specific advice you need to increase your garden's chances of success. Take your garden to a whole new level by going local! Find a local garden nursery near you!

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