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If you are looking for the new ideas for your home and garden or would like expert help with your garden setup, maintenance, or plant needs, The Garden Center is your best resource for up-to-date information. We have an extensive directory of garden centers, nurseries, and plant specialists all over the United States. Our large network of home and garden centers ensure that you can get all the planting supplies, gardening equipment, supplements, and, most importantly, localized gardening advice you need.

Check out our listings today to find friendly, accessible, and well-stocked home and garden centers with professional and friendly staff members who are dedicated to helping your garden succeed. Maybe you are laying down a new garden or perhaps upgrading your garden? Or maybe you want to put in a gazebo or a rose path? Or maybe you need advice on garden design and outdoor ambience? Regardless of your needs, our directory is loaded with local professional home and garden centers ready to help you.

At the Garden Center, we understand that the secret to a successful home and garden set up is professional and friendly advice paired with a well-stocked inventory of high-quality garden equipment and supplies. This is the primary criterion we use in listing the home and garden centers in our directory. Browse through our listing today and get the expert help you need to take your garden to the next level.

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