Small Garden Ideas

Small Garden Ideas

Your garden may be somewhat small, yet you still have the advantage of owning a garden, and so you should make the best use out of it. Regardless of the size of your garden, there are several small garden ideas that you can put into practice to turn that empty space into a magical green haven for you and your family. Moreover, you can still plant fruits and vegetables in your garden. can serve as a good starting point for you to realize these gardening ideas. This is because on this site you will find various gardening supplies and products from hundreds of online garden centers near me.

Planning is the key to a great garden of any size

First off, you need to plan how you will be setting up your garden when considering the various small garden ideas you intend to implement. Since the floor area is limited you should focus on growing most of your plants vertically. Vines such as cucumbers, grapes, tomatoes and other kinds of vining fruits are great options. When growing plants vertically you will be improving the visual interest of your garden, while also creating more privacy. You can also avoid problems such as fruit rot and leaf fungus because as long as the fruit is off the ground the air can circulate better through the plants.

Concepts & caring for small gardens

Trellis is a great feature, both from an aesthetic as well as a practical point of view. There are all sorts of trellis available for sale. These come in different sizes and materials, as well as designs. Trellis will enable you to plan vertically with more ease. Small garden ideas will also inevitably involve some tips for the trees you will include in your garden. There are dwarf fruiting trees that take up little space. It is recommended that you bear in mind their need for cross-pollinating, so choose different varieties from the ones for sale in the garden centers. Additionally, you can choose plants that have a high yield for small spaces. These include onions, garlic, spinach and carrots.

Fertilizing is another important factor. Your garden’s soil has more nutritional requirements since the garden is small, as the plants will deplete the nutrients more quickly. Thus, make sure you fertilize a lot. This calls for fertilizers that are available in gardening centers. Another helpful tip for small garden owners is the need for pollinating. Planting in a way that invites pollinators can help your garden to thrive. So mix flowers with herbs as well as some vegetables so as to attract more pollinators, while also adding more color combinations to your garden.

Add a feature to your small backyard

Small garden ideas revolve around the best use of the space available, while managing to create a garden that complements your gardening preferences and your own character. Plants and trees make up the heart of your garden. However, sprucing the garden with some decorations is also highly recommended. This could include a mailbox, a small fountain or bird bath, a bird feeder and some garden furniture where you can sit back and enjoy the tranquillity of your small but lovely garden. All of these products and much more are available on, so make sure to check them out!

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