When to Prune Apple Trees

If you like to grow fruit trees in your garden, it is important that you are aware of ways to take good care of them. Some fruit trees are more delicate than others but there is no denying that being able to grow fruit on your own trees is a very rewarding experience. Apple trees are among the most common fruit trees to grow in your garden. There are the standard and the dwarf varieties. You will be able to find many garden centers that offer apple trees for sale on our site gardencenterguide.com

When to Prune Apple Trees?

Apple trees need to be pruned if they are to be well maintained. Pruning helps the tree to be healthier. It also helps to stimulate growth, and apple trees that are pruned properly will yield more apples and better quality ones over time. If you have apple trees in your garden you need to bear in mind that it is best to prune them during the first two months of Spring. When to prune apple trees is important and this is considered to be the ideal time to prune apple trees, as it is generally a period when at least two weeks from the last frost have passed by. It is important to avoid pruning in the fall since even though new growth will be stimulated, it will end up dying soon after during the cold winter months, and that would be a pity.

When is the Best Time of Year to Prune Apple Trees?

Pruning can also occur later in spring, or very early in the summer, but definitely not later than that. These tips of when to prune apple trees should be used for best results and to maintain a healthy tree. How much you need to prune is also an important decision. There needs to be a considerable amount of space between the tree’s branches. Keeping this as a general rule of thumb is helpful. Pruning should not be done on all trees. If the apple tree is offering a lot of shade it definitely needs to be pruned. However it is best to do portions of the process over a number of seasons. The apple tree should have the branches in a pyramid shape so as to enable it to get enough sunlight.

Obviously apart from knowing when to prune apple trees you need to have the right tools to do so properly. Otherwise the job will be more difficult and you could also damage the tree in the process. Hand pruners are ideal for small limbs, whereas loppers will be needed for the large branches. If there are any branches that are wider than 3inches, you will need to use a saw. Keep in mind that the blades that you use to cut the branches will need to be proportional to the size of the branches that you are cutting.

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