How to Prune Roses

How to Prune Roses

Roses are many gardeners’ favorites. However they need some special care. Apart from sprinkling them with suitable insecticides, and watering them, pruning is very important for roses and gardeners certainly know that. However, pruning roses sometimes seems to be more difficult and so there are many gardeners who feel slightly daunted by it. That is why it is a good idea to learn how to prune roses, so that this is avoided. Ultimately you need to do this job as it will greatly benefit your roses, not only to get new growth, but also to remove dead wood while shaping the plant well. It will also help a great deal in improving air circulation. So let us move on to the process of how it is best to go about pruning roses.

Want to Learn How to Prune Roses?

For starters, you are going to need certain tools. You will need long-handled loppers, as well as by-pass pruners. For rose bushes it may be best to use a pair of high quality pruning shears where the blades are curved. A pruning saw may be required for rose bushes that have large woody canes. All of these tools can found from garden centers near you. Roses are best pruned in spring time. If you notice the blooming of the forsythia, then it is time to prune. If you do not have forsythia, look for any leaf buds that start to swell on your rose plants. These are important things to know when learning how to prune roses.

When pruning, you need to make sure that the tools are clean and sharp. Always begin pruning at the base of the plant. This is one of the most important aspects you need to bear in mind when learning how to prune roses. Even though you are going to look at the overall plant, you still need to start at its base. Your aim is to open the center of the plant so that it gets better air circulation and more light.

The Way you Cut is Imperative when Pruning Roses

The way you make the cuts is imperative when you understand how to prune roses. You need to aim for cuts that are at a 45 degree angle. Cuts should be made about a quarter of an inch above the bud which is facing toward the outside. Cuts need to be clean, not ragged. As you move your way through the plant, you also need to remove any wood that looks dead or dying. You will also notice broken wood, and possibly diseased wood too. Make sure you remove those as well. You should cut until the inside of the cane appears to be white. Making use of good quality pruning equipment is essential to make the cuts properly. It is also recommended that you remove any thin branches. Also, remove any sucker growth which may be below the graft, and any remaining foliage.

Find Pruning Equipment and Learn How to Prune Roses with Garden Center Guide

Learning how to prune roses is not that difficult as long as you follow these tips. You will also need to invest in a pair thick and long gloves to protect your hands while pruning. Gloves should be puncture proof. If you would like to find good quality gloves as well as pruning equipment, you do not have to look any further, as the garden centers listed on will offer you many options to choose from to carry out your rose pruning easily and quickly.

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