Stokes Select Beginner's Guide to Bird Feeding (38060)

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Product Type: Book Subject: Beginner's Guide to Bird Feeding Language: English Ideal for beginning nature lovers of all ages A wealth of identification and behavior information is provided in a portable pocket-sized format Illustrated with full color photographs and range maps Easy-to-use and p opular color tab s ystem Special features in clude: complete and up -to-date information on bi rdseeds, birdseed mixes, su et and new types of bird fo od, what kind of feeder to us e for each type of bi rdseed and what kinds of bi rds they will attract, us er friendly color tab in dex for quick reference, Ho w To on outsmarting sq uirrels with the latest fe eders and techniques, br illiant full-color photos of feeder birds, along with id entification clues, feeder be havior and tips on at tracting, handy chart sh owing birds' seed pr eferences, special problem so lving section full of us eful hints and tips on cr eating a bird-friendly la ndscape in your backyard Authored by Donald and Lil lian Stokes

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