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Welcome to the Garden Center Guide. We do have over 10.000 independent garden centers on the guide, so your local garden center or plant nursery will be listed as well. You can follow us on Twitter or you can check the gardening news & blogs on our website. Please write a review of your local garden center and earn $ 25 ! Enjoy the guide and let us know if you have any comments!

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Welcome to the Garden Center Guide!

At the Garden Center Guide you can find every garden center and plant nursery of the US, listed by town, county and state. You can find opening hours, special offers, jobs and much more. We're adding and checking listings of garden centers every day. Find your local garden center here!

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Find a local garden center on the Garden Center Guide and tell us about your experience of your local garden center. Write a review on Garden Center Guide and make a chance to win $25. We give away a prize each month. The more reviews you write, the better the chance of winning!