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Best place for indoor plants in your home

As you embark on your journey of plant care, you may notice that some plants thrive in sunlight where others depend on the shade to optimally grow. A bit like humans, each plant has its specific needs. Plants have specific requirements regarding placement relative to exposure to sunlight. They like to be placed in either of these three positions: 

  • Direct sunlight

  • Partial sunlight

  • Artificial light


Today we will provide you with an overview of which plants go best where. Read to find out more. 


Direct sunlight

The sansevieria loves to be in front of the window to absorb its much-needed rays of sunshine. Together with the bird of paradise and the Sansevieria they thrive in direct sunlight and need this to grow into their optimal forms.



Partial sunlight

Most of the plants you will own, will probably prefer a spot without direct sunlight as many plants have sensitive leaves that will damage when exposed to too much sunlight. If you place them 3 or 5 metres away from the window, they will get enough light, but they will be protected from too much sun exposure. Their leaves will not be burned or affected. The dracaena, Fiddle Leaf Fig and especially the Calathea love a spot in partial sunlight.


Artificial light


The burgundy is a relatively easy plant to keep alive, as it is very low maintenance. This perky plant will be fine, even placed in the darker corners of your living space.

The philodendron also does not need a lot of exposure to sunlight to be happy. They do prefer high humidity, so make sure you water it about 2 times a week, depending on the season. 

The tradescantia zebrina can also live on artificial light alone. They do also thrive in a humid environment like the philodendron, and really appreciate a nice misting from time to time.