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Best weed killer

If you are having trouble with unwanted plants sprouting through your lawn or flower beds, you will probably want to get rid of them. You can either do this by old-fashioned weeding, with the help of a manual weed killer, a natural or chemical weed killer or even a torch. Of course, the best weed killer for you depends on the situation in your garden.

Types of weed killers

Different area’s and different weeds require different weed killers. There are of course weed killers for overall use, but the best weed killer for lawns is not necessarily also the best weed killer for flower beds. Here are a few types of weed killers used for different area’s:

The best weed killer for your garden

What is the best weed killer? Like said before, this totally depends on what you want the weed killer to do. For example, what type of plant do you want the weed killer to exterminate? Not all weed killers target the same plants, this is why the best weed killer for your lawn is not the best weed and grass killer for your flower beds, as weed killers for lawns will not attack grasses. Also, if you use weed killer for your vegetable garden, it is important to make sure the formula is safe for edible crop. 

Some more things to consider

You are not done after selecting a weed killer for the type of plants you want to get rid of. Do you want to quickly use weed killer and then go on with the rest of your day? Go for a formula that is ready to use, instead of a concentrated formula that you have to dilute before using it in your garden. This will make your product last longer, but it will also cost more time. If you have pets running around the garden, make sure to use a pet safe weed killer. Most types of natural weed killers are safe to use, so watch out with chemical weed killers. Always read the safety labels on weed killers before using them.