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How to build a brick barbecue

Ahh, the sweet smells of summer. And I am not just talking about the smell of the blooming flowers. When it comes to summer backyard smells that trigger happy memories, we're taking about none other than barbecued meat grilled over an open flame. Thankfully, you don't have to set yourself back several hundred bucks to buy a pricey barbecue grill. You only need to invest some time and a relative small amount of cash to build yourself a brick barbecue. Affordable, styling, and fun-what's not to like?

Here's how:

Use your cooking tray to guide you in laying out the bricks' first level. Try not to split too many bricks.

Using a 1:5 cement to sand mixture, mix enough water to get a stiff mortar consistency. Make sure the first layer is level before putting on the mortar. If there are uneven spots, add extra mortar to smooth out its level.

Mark the barbecue's outer edge with your spirit level. This will give you a straight line to use as a guide when laying down the first layer of bricks. Once the first layer is finished, look at your spirit guide to make sure the corners are at perfect right angles.

Put a metal tie to reinforce the inner wall with the longer wall. This gives added strength to your barbecue.

Lay the next layers of bricks from the corners. Make sure to stagger and alternate the vertical brick joints. Use a width of half a brick. Consistently check the vertical corners using the spirit guide. Don't just check one angle, check from all angle to make sure the whole structure is squared.

After you've finished five layers of bricks at all corners, lay down a piece of wood and check the level to make sure both sides of the barbecue are even.

Built up to seven layers. On the left side and inner wall position the bricks on their side so you a ledge is created for your BBQ's charcoal tray. Use a half brick on the outer edge to make a flush edge. Put on another three layers. Add another layer on the sideways bricks to help further support your grill tray.

Create a professional finish on your barbecue's exterior by drawing a hosepipe along each of your barbecue's joints. Create a smooth edge by putting on a final level of bricks. Make sure to check all your levels.