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How to deal with Ants

Ants are often classified as pests simply because they have six legs and they show up in great numbers. However, the real threat ants pose is the fact that they can bring aphids to your garden. In fact, some species of ants instinctively “farm” aphids which suck nutrients from tender parts of plants. The ants then stimulate these aphids to produce secretions which the ants can then consume. Sadly, their 'farming' and human farming don't go hand in hand. The plants we farm suffer from the aphids ants intentionally put on our crops.

Of course, the main, and most common, problem people have with ants is that they show up In huge numbers in parts of your lawn or garden where you sit. Their numbers might not be a problem if not for their bite. Yes, ants can give quite painful bites and in your most sensitive parts as well. The old phrase “ants in your pants” is no joke. Another way ants can get under gardeners' skins, figuratively, is their heavy burrowing. Ants love to dig and if they dig around the wrong plants, specially shrubs and trees, these plants can suffer from dehydration that may lead to wilting and even death. Serious business. To prevent ant infestations, use biological controls like ant nest nematodes. Water in these nematodes when it is cool or shady outside and keep the ant nest soil moist for 14 days so they can work through the colony.