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How to use floating candles

Lisa Garden on 29-10-2021

Are you looking for a fun twist on traditional candles or tea lights? Then floating candles are really something for you! These candles come in different shapes, there are small tea lights that can float in water. In addition, there are also candles that float in the air, such as the famous Harry Potter floating candles. Which floating candle are you getting for your home?


How to make floating candles arrangements

Have you seen those beautiful (glass) bowls with floating flower candles on the internet, and would you like to have them in your home now? You can easily make these DIY candles arrangements yourself with just a few supplies:


Floating water candles

Not all candles you buy at the store or garden center are floating candles. A floating tea light has a spherical shape, so that it floats well in the water. A regular tea light has a flatter shape and will therefore float less well than the more spherical variant intended for this. Still, there are people who use regular tea lights as floating candles, but these generally float a little less well. A floating tea light is often slightly larger than a regular tea light, and they come in different colors. It is, therefore, true that a floating tea light is more intended as a decorative candle than a tea light for in a holder.


DIY floating candles ornaments

You can actually use floating candles wherever there is water. These candles are mainly used as decoration in bowls or glasses. Yet, there are many more ways in which you can use these fun floating candles! How about, for example, in the bath or in a hot tub to completely relax? Floating candles can also create a magical atmosphere in a pond or other open water. Floating candles are a must, especially on occasions where you want to take beautiful photos. For example, the candles can be very romantic during a date or even a wedding. Have fun with these unique and cozy candles!