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Lawn Maintenance For Fall

Winter is coming, is your lawn ready? Many people are tired of mowing and just stop paying attention to their lawn when the grass growth slows down. Take time in the fall, before and after your favorite football games, to do a little lawn maintenance. Here are some easy to follow steps to help you tuck your lawn safely in for its long winter rest.


  1. Rake the leaves that fall on your grass. Depending on the number of nearby trees, you can wait until all the leaves are down or go at it once a week during leaf-falling season. In my opinion, it's better to keep on top of it or the leaves will be tucked in every nook and cranny of your landscape with each new wind storm. Leaves make good mulch when they've been torn to shreds. When they're whole, they tend to matt on your lawn, suffocating it. If you have a mulching lawnmower then mulch them up and spread them in your garden or throw them on your compost pile.
  2. Take care of weeds now. If the problem is not severe, it's best to weed by hand. You can easily find the weeds when your grass starts going brown/dormant and the weeds remain bright green.
  3. As the temperature has generally started to cool down in autumn, this is a good time to over-seed or fix bigger patches of empty grass areas with sod patches. Do this sooner rather than later so the roots have time to get established before they get hit with the really nasty weather.
  4. Don't totally stop watering or mowing your lawn. You definitely will make adjustments from your summer schedule, but your lawn still needs some care. Water well before your ground freezes for the winter. If your area doesn't get natural moisture in the winter you should water occasionally.
  5. Fall is the time to apply a winter fertilizer. Find one that is appropriate for your area and your lawn type. Your lawn needs nutrients before the long winter, much like a bear needs plenty to eat before it hibernates.


Remember, you grass may go dormant in the winter, but it's still alive. It stops growing, but it's just taking a break. If you take the time to do the above fall maintenance steps, you will have a lawn that weathers the winter well and is ready for you next spring.



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