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Monstera adansonii

The monstera adansonii is the perfect plant for anyone who loves a big mostera plant, but does not have the space for one. The monstera adansonii could be seen as the monstera deliciosa’s little brother and also goes by the name of swiss cheese plant! For a little something extra, you can also choose to get a variegated mostera adansonii, which has leaves in different yellow and green colors.

Everything you need to know about Monstera adansonii

If you have just bought a monstera adansonii or you are wanting to get one, this is all you need to know about your new friend. Make sure to follow these guidelines, but do follow them blindly. Your plant will most likely show you what it needs.

  • Likes to stand in the shadows;
  • Needs an average amount of water;
  • Likes plant nutrition every two weeks in summer.

Monstera adansonii care

Caring for your monstera adansonii or monstera adansonii variegated is easier than you might think! Make sure to water your plants about once a week, keep the ground moist but not too wet. When in doubt, do not add extra water: too much water is worse for your plant than too little water. A sign of giving too much water is when your monstera adansonii gets yellow leaves. In the growing season, from March to October, your monstera likes a little extra nutrition every two weeks. Lastly, put the plant in a new and bigger pot after about three years. Two more important things about this plant: it purifies the air in the room (yay!) but can also be slightly poisonous for pets.

How to propagate monstera adansonii

To propagate your monstera adansonii, cut of a plant cutting with at least two buds on it with a sharp knife. Buds are the thicker pieces on the stem of your monstera adasonii. Next, put the cutting in water and wait until it grows roots. Make sure to place your cutting in a warm and light spot, preferably next to a window, but not in too much direct sunlight. When you see new growth on the cutting, it is ready to be put in its own pot. Put it in with enough soil to cover the roots and add water. Now you are done and ready to enjoy your new plant pal!


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