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Seeds to plant in fall

Wondering which seeds plant seeds in fall? By starting your sowing in fall, your garden will have a jump start and be extra full and beautiful in spring! However, not all crops are fall crops and are therefore not always suitable to plant in autumn. Learn more about fall seeds and perennial seeds to plant in fall, or even late summer planting and get healthier and more abundant plants in spring!

Flower seeds to plant in fall

Did you know that the best time to start your own (flower)garden is actually in fall? Not only will your flowers bloom sooner, it is also much cheaper, as garden centers will often sell seeds with discounted prices at the end of the growing season. You might be wondering, what seeds can I plant now, in fall? Here is a list of flower and plant seeds to plant in fall:

  • Poppies;
  • Perennial sunflower seeds;
  • Forget-me-not;
  • Daisies;
  • Snapdragon.

When to plant grass seeds in the fall?

When to start seeds for a fall garden? Of course, different seeds have different needs, which can also depend on the area your garden is in. For grass seeds, for example, the best time to plant is around the beginning of September. This way, the seeds can grow a little, before the frost of winter starts to do its work. However, if you live in an area with quite warm Septembers, it is probably best to wait a little longer before planting your flower seeds. The same goes for rain; it helps the seeds grow, but strong showers can wash the seeds away before they get settled in the soil. For fall flower seeds, it is also important to plant before a hard frost, but make sure not to plant them too early. This way, the plants can start to grow early, and the seedlings then may freeze.   

How to plant seeds in fall

The first step in planting fall flower seeds is to clear out last year’s old flower beds. This can either be an entire bed or a part of a garden bed that still has other plants in it. After clearing, loosen the soil and add a few inches of compost. Lastly, divide the seeds over the garden beds and press them into the ground. Happy gardening this fall!