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Fossil Creek, helmed by Josh and Terra Richards, is a family-owned and operated tree farm, nursery, and landscaping service that embodies their deep-rooted commitment to their community. Since 2011, their mission has been simple yet profound: to utilize their innate talents and passions to inspire, educate, and serve others.

At Fossil Creek, the belief in the transformative power of nature's beauty is at the core of their existence. They are dedicated to sowing seeds of goodness that will flourish and endure for generations to come. Situated on 8.5 picturesque acres in north Fort Worth, Fossil Creek encompasses a tree farm, nursery, garden center, home store, and landscaping business.

Josh and Terra, a devoted couple of over 20 years, acquired Fossil Creek in 2011, driven by their entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision. Josh, hailing from a family deeply rooted in business in the Fort Worth area, grew up in his grandparents' small grocery store on Boat Club Road. Meanwhile, Terra, also a Fort Worth native, witnessed her father successfully run a drywall business, imbued with care and compassion for both employees and customers.

With their God-given talents and a shared passion for business, Josh and Terra seek to inspire, educate, and serve others in every facet of Fossil Creek Tree Farm. Leveraging their complementary strengths and interests, they strive to create an environment that transcends the traditional boundaries of a tree farm. Josh personally travels to east Texas to hand-select the finest trees, while Terra and her team curate distinctive pottery pieces, craft captivating designs, and plan engaging educational events for the community.

The belief that everyone stands to benefit from embracing nature's beauty drives Fossil Creek. Whether it's through the addition of a houseplant, the nurturing shade of a well-chosen tree, or a complete transformation of the landscape, they endeavor to help individuals integrate nature's wonders into their surroundings. By joining forces with Fossil Creek, you can turn your dreams into reality, cultivating seeds of goodness that will flourish and endure for generations.

Let Fossil Creek be your partner in creating an environment that resonates with the beauty of nature. Together, we can inspire, educate, and sow the seeds of a better future for all.

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