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Walmart - Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Market Store

5625 Washington Avenue
Mt. Pleasant, 53406

(262) 504-2048[email protected]

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Dj 2018-04-10 19:06:00

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Store is a mess! It has many problems and the parking lot is the first bad impression. Trash and carts everywhere. The business staff can be rude and just unhelpful. The business has been plagued with issues that they fear to resolve. We have a growing crime rate in Racine due to lack of accountability. Respect for others and property. Mayors that hold no accountability to criminals. They seem to run the world now! Not very impressive and why Foxconn wants to move here is beyond. I think the store needs a cleaning and checking food dates on selves would be a great start. The items look sad at times. The staff needs to straighten items and pick things up instead of walking past them. They need better security on site for sure. It’s Walmart and all the jokes seem to more true then false. The delivery system is bad for drivers and that snowballs in the business. How you treat everyone be it truck drivers delivering or customers it should be quick and with respect! What can I say ....

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