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Bees' favorite: Phacelia tanacetifolia

8 August 2012
Bees' favorite: Phacelia tanacetifolia

Bees just love Phacelia tanacetifolia also known more popularly as scorpionweed. There is just something to this plant that makes it almost magnetic to honey bees. In fact, bees feeding off scorpionweed are nothing short of ecstatic. Yes, it is that irresistible to beneficial insects. In addition to bees, scorpionweed counts lacewings and hoverflies among its insect fans. In fact, many beneficial aphid-killing insects love this plant. Use this fact to your advantage and plant scorpionweed in your garden. Not only do you attract honey bees, which will also visit your other flowering plants-specially fruits and vegetables; the scorpionweed will also attract hoverflies that will help knock out those pesky aphids that threaten to suck the life out of your fruits and veggies.

Scorpionweed is an annual and is very easy to grow. This plan will give out flowers for a long time-definitely good news for bees! If its beneficial insect drawing power is not enough, its flowers are scented, smell good, and make great cut flowers. Although it does have an ominous name, scorpionweed makes for a great addition to any garden.