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The joys of september gardening

20 September 2012
The joys of september gardening

If the cold and damp start to summer got your spirits down, you can still catch up in September. Thankfully, this autumn has been quite warm and sunny. If you tried to make up for summer's weak start by planting in July or late June but you were discouraged by the appearance of snails, don't worry.

You can make up for a forgettable and unseasonably wet summer by planting in September. So what can you plant in September? Quite a bit, actually. For starters, you can plant lambs lettuce and rocket lettuce. These make for great autumn salads. Of course, you can also plant some hardy and nice annuals like live-in-a-mist, honesty, cornflower, and Ammi majus. If the wet spring kept you from planting these earlier in the year, take advantage of a sunny September to plant these.

Talking about making up for spring activities, you can also take advantage of the sunny autumn weather to give your garden a nice trim. Start by cutting the grass. Find dead spots and fill them in with some plants from the garden center.