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Creative gardening gifts

19 December 2015
Creative gardening gifts

Do you have a gardener in your circle of friends or family and you just don't know what to give them? Here are a few ideas to stimulate your creative sensibility!

  • Recycle a garden hose and making it into a garden gift basket
  • Gardening clogs. They have these in SO many different colors, patterns etc.
  • A unique pot filled with seed packets and cute gardening gloves
  • A Western Gardening Annual Book or Farmer's Almanac
  • Fill a Xmas stocking or holiday hotpad with bulbs
  • Watering wand
  • Decorated Gardening hat
  • Large basket for collecting blooms
  • Beautiful vases
  • Kneeling pad and garden ties
  • Temperature gauge
  • Garden stakes or art
  • Herb or veggie plant markers
  • A Garden Diary or Garden magazines

Don't forget non-traditional places to find treasures- such as thrift stores, garage sales, Craigslist, etc. It is the off-season now, so hard to find new garden items, but some stores still have inventory they want to move for the Christmas items. Thrift stores ALWAYS have great vases and once again think of the non-traditional such as tea pots, old decorative cooking pots, baskets, galoshes or old cowboy boots, old mailboxes, tire rims, kitchen canisters, etc. Pretty much go in there with an open mind to anything and you'll be amazed by what you can think of to plant something in!

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