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Over 50 years ago Jack and Ruth Strader started Strader's Garden Center with one store. Today the business has grown to include six stores in the Columbus, Ohio area along with two wholesale divisions. We take pride in growing our own beautiful annuals and perennials in our greenhouses.

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Jason 2014-03-05 19:05:46

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Went to the store to buy a specific product on 03/04/14. I found the product on the self and was pleased to see it was fully stocked and priced at $10.49. When the cashier rang it up it rang up at $29. I disputed this with the cashier and showed her where the item was clearly stocked and signed at $10.49. and then asked her if she was going to honor the price that it waas marked at. She said no,then involved the store manager. The SM shrugged me off and said he would not honor the price. He told me (they)wont allow it and asked me "what am i supposed to tell them?" I answered, "tell them you changed the price because your store is not signed right." Once again the store manager blew me offf. I then asked him what he would do if I was a County pricing auditor. The GM responded with a simple "I dont know anything about that." Having coming from a Retail Background and having my own store with a national brand I watched as the two feverishly changed the price in front of me.

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J. Richards 2012-01-17 11:42:16

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The staff is very helpful but it's a small garden center. They don't have lot of products you expect to see in a garden center these days. Most mainstream product are available but they don't have more specific products in stock. However, still a nice garden center to visit.

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