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Best air cleaning plants (Air-Purifying)

As we have been spending an increased amount of time indoors the past few years, it's good to be aware of the air quality of your home. To optimize this quality there are a few plants to consider investing in. These plants are notorious for their air cleaning abilities:

  1. Alocasia Azlanii

  2. Philodendron Micans Velvet

  3. Dracaena Twister

  4. Sansevieria

  5. Little fiddle leaf fig


Alocasia Azlanii

With its pink nerves, and red undersides you really do take on a spectacular piece of beauty into your home. If you put it at height you can enjoy its top and bottom beauty views.

She requires 70-80% sunlight and to be watered regularly. 

Please note that ingestion is toxic to humans as well as animals. 


Philodendron Micans Velvet

The Philodendron plants thank their name to their shiny looking exterior. Micans is latin for shimmering and that is how it got its name. The heart shaped leaves thrive best in a humid and warm climate. Intriguing about this plant is that its colors change depending on the light. The look of this philodendron has the ability to surprise you moment to moment during the day. 



The Dracaena plant was given an intriguing name not just for the fun of it. Its allure comes from the dynamic twisting movement the plant seems to make, suggesting power and perseverance. The twister needs water around every two weeks and prefers to grow in indirect sunlight. 



What’s unique about the Sansevieria plant is it's ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. This means that this plant can actually help regulate healthy airflow. This is the reason so many people choose to keep the Sansevieria next to their beds. It will provide your bedroom with pure air and wild looks.

Little fiddle leaf fig

The broad violin shaped leaves makes the Little fiddle leaf fig a highly efficient air purifying plant. It can remove toxins from the air such as formaldehyde and dioxins. It also may enhance your mental state and give it a boost. Studying or working at home? Rumor has it that this plant placed on your desk may do wonders for your concentration. But remember, you didn’t hear that from me!