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DIY Garden fence

Want to make your own garden fence? The internet offers many DIY garden fence guides for you to follow. Making your own garden fence is often much cheaper than hiring a contractor to design and place the fence. Depending on your wishes for the fence, for example the height, width, and amount of privacy the fence has to offer, you can choose to do a garden fence DIY.

Materials for easy garden fence DIY

Of course the kind of fence you decide to build depends on the purpose of the fence. Luckily, there are many different and easy guides on how to build a garden fence. Most of these guides only require a few materials, including:

DIY garden fence ideas

Looking for garden fence ideas? The first thing to consider is probably the type of fence you want to have in your garden. For example, do you want a garden border fence or a fence to keep animals from walking off your property? If you want a fence for privacy from your neighbors, make sure to have enough wooden boards to place on the fence. If you want a fence for animals, you will probably only need wooden posts and some chicken wire. So if keeping together your chickens is what you want from the fence, make sure to look up how to build a garden fence with chicken wire. Often you can also use leftover timber to build your fence. That way you won’t have to waste your timber!

Things to consider when building your own fence

When building your own garden fence, it is very important to consider the soil in which you want to place the fence. Only about two thirds of the fence is above ground, the other third is buried in the ground. How deep the wooden posts of the fence need to go into the ground is dependent on the type of soil in the garden. Also, before you start to design your fence, decide whether or not you want to have a gate in the fence. In most cases, fences for keeping in animals need a gate for you or the animals to get in and out.