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Hydroponic Gardening For Beautiful Plants

Lisa Garden on 01-09-2021

If you've ever wondered about hydroponic gardening then this article is for you. I will explain just exactly what hydroponic gardening is, why it works, the benefits, and what you will need to get started.


Put simply, hydroponic gardening is growing plants without dirt. This dirt-less gardening is done one of two ways; with the plant roots growing in a liquid nutrient solution aka solution culture or with the roots growing in another solid medium (other than dirt) which is called a medium culture. It's all about the nutrients. Soil is just a holder of nutrients and with hydroponics your choices can be perlite, coconut fiber, sand, and vermiculite as well as other mediums.


Hydroponic gardening is simple once you try it, and can be affordable depending on what system you use and to what scale you want to use it. This type of gardening takes less time, uses less space, has no weeds to pull, and requires no digging in the dirt. It's also very satisfying to watch your healthy plants grow, especially if you've never had a green thumb before.


Hydroponic gardening works because the plants are given what they need, in the amount they need, and when they need it. The gardener is in control, not fickle Mother Nature. Also, the plants don't need to spend time spreading their roots to look for nutrients and they can concentrate on their above root growth. This can mean bigger fruits or vegetables. Another plus to this system is that since the roots don't spread out, more plants can be planted in a smaller area than when planted in soil.


There are some popular hydroponic gardening name brand systems that you should investigate to educate yourself on what is available. You don't have to pick an expensive system, especially when first starting out. You will most likely need a grow tray, reservoir tray, submersible pump with a timer, and air pump and air stone to make bubbles that add oxygen and push the nutrient solution toward the roots. You will also need light; natural or other. Keep in mind that with grow lights you can grow your plants anywhere in your house or garage.


Try the hydroponic way to grow your next crop of lettuce, tomatoes, or cut flowers and enjoy success, even if you're not known for having a green thumb. Maybe you could take some beautiful tomatoes over to that neighbor who's always bragging about her garden.