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Winter lawn care tips

The upcoming winter season asks for some extra attention to be paid to maintenance and care for all aspects of our lives. Your lawn, with all its delicacy, will also require some extra attention from you in this tough season coming up. Today I provide you with some tips to get your lawn through the winter looking its best.

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Aerate and fertilize

Fertilization is key. If you keep up with your fertilization during the set times in the year, your lawn will benefit greatly from these nutrients in the times it needs it the most. You are basically strengthening your grass’s immune system.


Keep your lawn clean

This might be an obvious one, but keeping your lawn clean will be greatly beneficial for its appearance coming out of the winter season. Make sure your lawn is trash free and do not forget to weed it regularly, to prevent things from growing in there that you didn't want. If you make sure you get this done before winter starts, it will save you a lot of time and work in the spring.


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Avoid walking and driving on your lawn

To prevent the grass from damaging, try not to disturb it too much by leaving it alone. Make sure you do not kill this living organism by stepping, walking, or driving on your lawn. This will prevent the lawn from patching and drying out. If you leave it be, chances are it will grow out wonderfully looking.


Avoid salt damage

When the frost hits in the winter, we might grab our salts and start sprinkling it to make sure we don't slip and slide in our gardens. But be careful with this and note that the accumulation of salt can drain your lawn from its moisture. This might do unintended damage to your grass.

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Seeding and sodding

Seed regularly and your lawn will love it. Over-seeding rejuvenates tired and worn-out grass. It will improve its overall condition, by filling in damaged and thinning areas. Seeding will help your lawn get through the cold winter months by proving it with some extra force.