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Tree swing

Want to add something fun for the kids in the garden that is not too expensive? Consider putting up a tree swing! There are many types of swings to choose from, or you can even make one yourself. Whether you pick a swing fitting only one child, or a bigger swing that seats multiple children, a tree swing is always a fun addition to your garden!

Best tree swing

Buying a tree swing for kids does not have to be expensive. Many simple tree swings are on sale for a very affordable price. Depending on the materials used, and how big you want the swing to be, the price may go up. The best swing for you and your family thus depends on these considerations. A few of the most popular tree swings are:

How to hang a swing from a tree

The best way on how to hang a tree swing, of course, depends on the type of swing you want to hang. Once you have considered the possibilities for the best place to hang the swing (the right tree, a sturdy branch and a safe landing zone) it is time for you to hang the swing. If you are working with a tree swing kit, all components of the swing will be present, including tree swings straps. When making one from scratch, the best rope for tree swing is probably polyester or nylon. Take under consideration the sizes of the ropes, as well as the best height for the rider. Then, hang the tree swing as instructed on your manual.

Test the safety of the swing

After hanging the swing on the tree, it is important to make sure that the branch is indeed sturdy enough, and you have attached everything accordingly. Please do this with caution, as you do not want to attain an injury during this process. First, pull on the swing straps in multiple directions. Next, press on the seat and if this is safe, sit on it. Take a test swing and listen to the tree and the branch. Once you are sure the swing is safe to use, let the children have a go! Fun guaranteed.