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Ways to create your own haunted Halloween attraction

You must have witnessed people coming up with all sorts interesting Halloween haunts in their backyard. Some of the homemade attractions that become highlights of the festive occasion are haunted houses, walk-through, and other attractions of the trick-or-treating night. Making your own haunted Halloween attraction can be really complicated and expensive, but here are some tips to simplify the making of your own haunted Halloween attraction. But, before getting on with this you need to collect a group of friends and family members who would want to help you in this task.


First you need to design an impressive floor plan of Halloween attraction. Create some interesting costume ideas and buy fabrics and props to make them. You can easily buy this stuff from the flea markets. You can ask your friends and neighbors to contribute. After this is done, you may need to build a stage and create a set consisting of doors, haystacks, scarecrow poles, and gates.


To create your own Halloween attraction you may require some important items and props such as cd-player, extra speakers, spooky sound effects cds, spot lights or flickering lights, wooden coffins, standing lanterns, candle-holders and candles, spider webs and plastic spiders, life size skeleton costumes, wigs, hats, tomb stones, fake blood shovels, and make-up to name a few.


There are many ideas that you can think of to make your Halloween really special. Some of the interesting ideas for creating your own haunted Halloween attraction are:

  • Build a haunted house at the garage, basement, or shed at your house.
  • Create walk-through a pumpkin patch, haunted cemetery, or a scarecrow show.
  • Develop interesting and haunted hay-ride at your backyard or woods.
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If you wish to create a Halloween attraction in large scale, then you may contact some businesses to sponsor the event, in exchange of free advertising of their firm.