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Winter-Hardy Pansies

Large-flowered pansies are great cool-weather flowers that gardeners in the southern and western U.S. often enjoy throughout the winter. In colder climates, however, such as the Northeast and Midwest, these annuals eventually succumb to winter?s cold.

Now a new variety of pansy is available that can survive the winter -- even in zone 4 -- and rebloom in spring. ?Snow Angel?, which flowers in white, yellow, or blue, is best planted in well-drained soil in a protected location that receives lots of sunlight. In fall, ?Snow Angel? plants look limp after a light frost, but they perk up once the sun thaws them out. After a deep freeze, they will go dormant for the winter. With the warm weather of spring, they will begin growing and will burst into bloom before daffodils and tulips.

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