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Top 7 low maintenance indoor plants

New to the game of plant care? Or notoriously bad with keeping things alive? Don’t you worry for a second more, for today we have got you covered by providing you with the top 7 low maintenance plants for indoor use. Sick of having to throw plants away? Too lazy to study plant care? Please keep reading to find out where to place your bets regarding low maintenance plant options for your household.


What if this list would not start with mentioning the beloved cactus? Grown in its popularity, and known for its minimal needs, this is the first plant baby for many. The cactus is a very diverse species, with many forms and sizes imaginable and available. The advice is to actually not water it, or at least as little as possible, as too much water may lead to its death.



The Zamioculcas or ZZ plant is a dangerous one. It doesn’t need a lot of watering and sunlight but is actually a toxic plant when ingested by humans or animals. So be careful and love this baby from a distance (like with some people).



This beautiful plant will just work its magic while standing in the corner of your living room. It doesn’t require much apart from the occasional glance to acknowledge its presence.



Did you know that this plant saves all the water you give it in its leaves? This preservation technique ensures its low maintenance properties. And you only need to water it once its soil hsa completely dried up. This will prevent the roots from rotting. 



This monster does not require a lot of sunlight. Regarding its water uptake, it does prefer to be moist, but be careful not to overwater it. When balanced, the monstera will reward you with growing more leaves.



If you place this plant in a spot outside of direct sunlight, it will be happiest. You can allow the soil to dry out, it actually likes that best as long as it is watered every two weeks. 


Aloe vera

My personal favourite: The aloe vera plant. With its healing properties, this is truly a rewarding addition to your life. Its gel can be used for cosmetic use and will leave your skin looking radiant and healthy. Some people also make juices out of the pulp. Worth a try, since beauty comes from the inside. The aloe does not ask for a lot in return. Just provide it with a pot with much room to grow and watch it do its magic. Water occasionally.