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Thanksgiving cactus

The Thanksgiving cactus is a holiday cactus. These types of cacti bloom around the holidays after which they are named. This means that Thanksgiving cactus bloom around the Thanksgiving holiday, in November. Because this cactus, the Schlumbergera truncata, flowers late in the year, it is a very nice plant to have indoors during the darker months.

Types of holiday cacti

The Thanksgiving cactus is certainly not the only holiday cactus we know. There are several of these cacti, and actually they all look quite similar. For that reason, many people find it difficult to determine what kind of holiday they have at home. The most well known holiday cacti are:

What is the difference between a Christmas cactus and a Thanksgiving cactus?

Christmas cactus vs Thanksgiving cactus, which one do you have in your house? There is still quite a bit of discussion about this, because the two holiday cacti are very similar in appearance. The most obvious feature to tell the two cacti apart is probably the leaves of the plant. And Thanksgiving cactus has pointed bulges on the side of the leaf, while the Christmas cactus has round bulges. You can also tell the two cacti apart by looking at the flowers. As mentioned above, these plants bloom at different times in the year, the Thanksgiving cactus in November and the Christmas cactus in December.

How to propagate Thanksgiving cactus

It is not difficult to propagate a Thanksgiving cactus. All you need to do for Thanksgiving cactus propagation, is to cut off a piece of a twig, about four to five leaves long, and let it callus for a week. Place the cutting in sand and close the space around the plant with a plastic bag or bottle. After a few weeks, the cutting will have roots, and you can apply regular Thanksgiving cactus care. In Schlumbergera truncata care, watering Thanksgiving cactus is very important, because you do not want the plant to dry out. Make sure the cactus' soil is moist, but not too wet. In the summer, this plant likes to be in indirect sunlight, but in the winter the plant can receive a little more sun rays. Especially when the cactus has flowers, it will enjoy the sun.