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Top 5 indoor plants

Lisa Garden on 19-10-2021

Nowadays nothing sets off more that luscious feeling of home luxury than an exotic green house plant in your living space can. Whether it is located in your bathroom, living room, or next to your bed, a plant can truly uplift your whole decor. Seeing this rise in the popularity of the green accessoire, we decided that today we would provide you with an updated list of the 5 currently most popular indoor plants.


1. Bamboo Palm

An important plant to start with is this popular palm. The bamboo palm has stolen many of our hearts and steadily is part of many of our households. Characterized by its finger-like long leafs, it prefers a spot outside of direct sunlight. 

Apart from its alluring beauty, it has some beneficial properties. Did you know that this palm actually cleans your air and neutralizes harmful gases. And all it asks for in return is water on a weekly basis and plenty of daylight.


2. Calathea Medallion

Calathea Medallion - popular plant

The Calathea is called “the living plant” and it is known as a member of the prayer plant family. This is because it closes its leaves at night. It prefers shade, can tolerate low light, but does not do well in direct sun. Direct light will fade and possibly damage its leaves. The plant can summer outside, but likes to be taken inside when the fall comes. 


3. Red Prayer plant

Recognized by its red veins, the Red Prayer plant is a family member of the Calathea. Without enough light, they will not open their leaves all the way in the morning. They are natives to the rainforests of Brazil and therefore prefer to be watered with warm water. It's advised to slow down the watering a little bit in the winter months. 


4. The mini money tree

Many people believe that the money tree brings luck and prosperity to the owner. It’s said that the presence of the money tree in your house will create positive energy. This might be why it has been such a popular gift the past few years. Despite being a tropical plant, the money tree is relatively easy to take care of and will thrive in medium to bright indirect light. 

5. Dracaena Elegance

The Dracaena is a piece of elegance and for ultimate maintenance follow these tips:

  • Do not place it in direct sunlight
  • If low humidity in your home is a problem, try missing the leaves occasionally

  • Water less often in fall and winter than in spring and summer

  • Fertilize monthly during the spring and summer