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How to dry hydrangeas

Drying hydrangeas is the perfect method to let your beautifully grown flowers last. Whether you have grown the hydrangeas yourself or they were gifted to you in a bouquet, there is often a reason to hold on to special flowers. Hydrangea flowers are very easy to dry, with great results. In this article, you will learn how to dry hydrangeas.

Different methods for drying hydrangeas

At the end of summer, growing season for hydrangeas is at its end. Now is the perfect time to cut your hydrangeas, after the peak of their bloom and just when the hydrangea colors start to change. Cut the flowers, leaving stems of approximately 12 inches (ca. 30 cm) long, and remove any additional leaves on the stem. Now, there are three most uses methods for drying hydrangeas:

  • Water drying hydrangeas;
  • Air drying hydrangeas;
  • Drying hydrangeas with hairspray.

How to dry hydrangea flowers using water

One of the easiest ways, and probably the method with the most desirable results, is drying using water. For using this method, place your freshly cut hydrangea flowers in a large vase and fill it with water till it is filled for 50-75%. Now, all you have to do is wait! Let the flowers absorb the water slowly and once all the water is gone, your flowers should feel dry. Let them sit for a couple more weeks for best results, and you are done!

How to dry out flowers by air   

In case you prefer drying flowers by air, cut the hydrangeas in the same way as with the water method. This time however, don’t use water but hang the flowers individually upside down from the stem. For the best hydrangea care, pick a cool and dry place for best preservation.  

How to dry hydrangeas with hairspray

Drying hydrangeas with hairspray is not really a separate method of drying the flowers, but more of a finishing touch. Once you have carefully dried your hydrangeas, let their beauty last as long as possible, by coating them with hairspray. A little goes a long way, so do not over-spray your flowers. After coating the dried flowers, they are guaranteed to last a very long time, sometimes even years!