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Gardeners are bigger home improvement spenders

9 June 2012
Gardeners are bigger home improvement spenders

In a recent survey by Scarborough which included close to 164 million respondent homeowners, Portland and Seattle are the nation's home gardening capitals. In these cities, 63 percent of homes possess a gardening aficionado. Salt Lake City placed third with 62 percent. The US average is a little less than 50 percent.

The survey also found some other statistical gems. Gardeners, on the whole, tend to be a more eco-friendly crowd. They are 25 percent more likely to spend a little extra on products that are environmentally friendly. They are also more likely to donate to causes that involve the environment. In terms of consumption, they are more likely to get their food from local growers.

When it comes to home improvement, gardeners tend to spend more on home improvement. For example, in the past year, 31 percent of respondents who were gardeners installed wallpaper or painted a fresh coat on their homes. 15 percent of gardeners put in new flooring.

Finally, the survey showed that the Internet is the best place to locate gardeners. Gardeners who are online shoppers spent, on average, $910 in the past year. 57 percent of online gardeners also used social media. Of this group, thirty-seven percent spend at least 10 hours online every week.